The Culture of Maine Juniors

Definition: the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, age group or organization.

Observations and values for our culture:

  1. We exhibit care and concern, respect and support for each athlete, their parents and each other.
    a) We take time to communicate respectfully with all involved.
    b.) Our actions support each other as staff.
    c) We make personal calls to any athlete that is cut.
    d) We strive to motivate and help each player to reach her potential
  2. We exhibit high level of sportsmanship.
    a) We treat opponents and officials with respect regardless of how we are being treated or the situation
  3. We realize and encourage the values of being the best teammate each one can be.
  4. We exhibit that #1 and #2 above take precedent over winning.
  5. We exhibit pursuit of on-court and off-court excellence.
    a) Practices are designed and implemented using principles based on research and best  practices.
    b) Teams are well prepared for competition.
    c) We offer programs to develop an awareness of the need for healthy life-styles among our athletes.
    d) Ours are the best uniforms in New England.
  6. We exhibit pursuit of organizational excellence.
    a) Suitable personnel are given tasks for which they are well-suited and perform  successfully.
    b) Training is provided to increase competencies.
    c) Various points of view are sought and incorporated in decision making.

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