Andy Pohl

My Name: Andy Pohl

My Day Job:

Information Technology Officer and Meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine. What the heck is that? Basically, I’m an IT guy and a meteorologist. I get to write computer code to make weather forecasting easier to do and more accurate. I also cover on the forecast desk when somebody is on vacation. Yep, that’s right… I get paid to be wrong!


My home town is Sidney, Nebraska. The only claim to fame that Sidney has is that it is the home of Cabela’s Sporting Goods. The great thing about Nebraska is that volleyball and football rule the land. The people in Nebraska are VERY passionate about their sports!

Volleyball Experience:

Well… let’s just say that I’ve been around for “a while” now. I have been playing the game for over 20 years and continue to play in leagues and tournaments when I can.

Coaching Experience:

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been coaching this sport for nearly 15 years. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! I started coaching with Portland North during the 2006 season. This will be my 8th coaching season with the Club. This is my 1st season coaching the 17 Gold team after a 1 year hiatus from coaching. Prior to that, I had coached the 18 Gold team for 5 years. I was also an Assistant Coach for Saint Joseph’s College of Maine for 5 years. Prior to that, I was the Head Varsity Coach at Nashua High School in Nashua, Montana. I was Head Varsity Coach there for 3 years, and assistant coach for 1 year. During my time in Montana, I attended coaching clinics every summer. Guest speakers at these clinics included instruction from Jim McLaughlin and Dave Rubio, as well as numerous other very successful college coaches. Before getting my start in coaching in Montana, I was a certified high school volleyball official with the Montana Officials Association.


IMPACT Certified, CAP I Certified, CAP II Pending, Gold Medal Squared Levels 1 and 2 completed in the summer of 2010.

Favorite Food:

There are so many to choose from! Lobster is way up there, but the Nebraskan in me loves a good steak!

Favorite TV Shows:

Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and of course. I enjoy watching football, but I try to limit myself a bit. I only watch football on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as Mondays, and sometimes Thursdays, and occasionally Fridays.


Working on my house, model railroading, and anything to do with volleyball.

My Role Model:

My father. He taught me how to be objective and see humor in things. Also, my high school football coach. He taught me how to be competitive to the core during the game, but to remember that at the end of the day, it’s still just a game.

Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me In Volleyball:

It seems like the best thing to happen to me in volleyball is always the last team that I coached. I enjoy seeing newer players develop a love for the game, regardless of their ability level. My favorite day of the year is the first day of competition when the new players on the team walk into the gym and see how big and fast the opposing players are. Then, over the course of the day, those new players slowly discover that they too have the talent to play at the highest levels and their confidence begins to grow. It is great to witness this transformation every year!